Beginners and Advanced Yoga Courses

Beginners Yoga Courses

These courses are designed for people who come in with little or no knowledge of yoga. An introductory theoretical and practical training is imparted in the basic techniques of Yoga i.e Asana, Pranayama and Kriyas that helps to cleanse and strengthen the body, as well as improve physiological functioning of the entire system. The science trains you on methods of how to relax at will, stretch your body and learn the beginnings of breath control techniques. Slowly the channelsof energy in the body open up, and you start performing postures you never dreamt before!

Advanced Yoga Courses

This is designed for those who have been learning and practicing yoga for a reasonable time period. It includes , both, a more in-depth theoretical base, as well as a more intensive practice of pranayama, asana and kriyas. This course also requires more discipline in terms of one's dietary regime and lifestyle. It can be combined with our detoxification program to give amazing results in terms of overall fitness and well being.

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